Finding: Programming Buddy

Finding: Programming Buddy


Hi Everyone!

This is kinda out of FCC Context, but I’m finding a buddy for pair-programming or collaboration on new projects.

I’m currently at the end of Front-End Libraries Certification, have some experience with RoR and I’m learning NodeJS and React. Flexible schedule (working freelance) and code about 10-20 hours a week. In Singapore which is GMT+8.

Hope to hear from any of you!
Cheers! :slight_smile:


i want to be your buddy
email: [email protected]
i am 14 year old finished javascript and responsive web design


Have you looked into the Discord or Slack groups? Search for “newbies Discord” to find it, may find something there.


Hey i live in singapore too, id love to be programming buddies !


anyone want to collab to make a landing page


im from singapore too please count me in :smiley:


lets to man i also need a programming buddy my email:
[email protected]


Yes i am message me for details.


I wouldn’t post your email addresses here. These pages are indexed so this page can be crawled by some spammers. I would DM each other your email addresses.


can i join you guys too