Finished my last certification the same day I got fired from my job... LOL

Finished my last certification the same day I got fired from my job... LOL


Its hard to keep it as positive as you do, especially in your situation. Your energy is contagious. It motivates me even tho I already have a job. Please do let us know once you get a job as @Lewis65 said!


I will definitely do both those things. Let me jump on some right now lol. When I get a job I will be sure to update my status here. To be continued… lol


Will do. Btw thanks for the tip on HackerRank! I saw the leader board and was instantly hooked. I gotta get to at least the top 10 000. I will steadily chip away at those rankings lol. Rank 498 352 today but that will change. (Game face) – Mamba mentality!


What counts is the experience, to then put it into practice


Life is weird. Hope you get something again soon.


I hope, you find a better job!


Wow, you completed all of FCC in 6 months while working a full time developer job in another stack? Did you have prior experience with the topics taught in the Full Stack Certifications and how many hours a night did you work on it? Your determination and focus is impressive, which leads me to think that it was the company that was the problem, not you. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and the tip on Regular Expressions, I’m just about to learn it and I’m scared because I haven’t heard good things about it.


Thank you for the support but I am not so impressive. I got the job in October 2018. I had some savings so I worked about 8-10+ hours on FCC everyday since I started FCC (almost no days off).

By the time I started the job I had completed 4/6 certs. After I started the job I did about 4-5 hours a day (2 hours before work and about 3 hours after). Before starting FCC I knew basic HTML, CSS, some PHP and very little JavaScript (for some reason it was terrifying). I had just built a demo android game in Unity with C# but that took me a few months… but from that I had truly learned the concepts of coding (Keep getting it wrong until you miraculously get it right… LOL).

While I was working on FCC I did some freelance projects which required the LAMP stack. I tried to make some money while I was improving on my skills. I kinda pitched great websites to clients and then stressed through tutorials to figure out how to make it work by the deadline LOL.

I am happy my story could be of some benefit and I hope you keep at it. I am starting to believe that the coolest parts of programming are also the scariest. Machine learning, AI, VR, AR all look soo intimidating LOL. One step at a time I guess. Thanks again for the feedback and support! I really appreciate it.


You have an amazing attitude, and that will get you really far… Thats a great accomplishment finishing all those FCC certs, you’ll find another job in no time. Many have said, getting the first one is the hardest part… so hopefully, you’ll be back at it soon. :smiley:


Wow, I don’t understand you, I just started to study it all, and now I understand how small I have reached


I don’t understend english, and me 54yers. I just started going through the programs, and I like it so damn. I am ukraine, I want to meet you all, that someone would teach me how to write numbers in a computer


Sorry for my english


Привіт, мій друже (Hello my friend). - I hope that is correct.

I know: ‘Pryvit’ = ‘hello’ in English.

The rest of the phrase I googled. I hope you keep going and keep improving! Thank you for the feedback and support!!


sorry to hear of your predicament - hope you have things moving in the right direction…

and as others have said, really nice profile page - mine is having a makeover using BootStrap3 for starters. Some interesting ideas on yours which I may “borrow”…


Thanks for sharing this realistic post. Far too often on all kinds of platforms we don’t see the realities, only the good news everyone wants us to believe. Reality is refreshing and I’m sure you will do well and love your positive tone here.