Finished Pinterest Clone

Finished Pinterest Clone


I just finished my pinterest clone MemeInterest. Care to take a look?

Cheers. :smile:


Looks nice to me; maybe you could check out Google Cards, but that’s a style choice, the app itself works just fine!


Thanks for the feedback @lorepieri


What server are you using to host your site?


I am using heroku and cloud 9


Is it cheap and affordable?


I like your site, it’s good… #thumbsup


Its completely free :smile:


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Ya @yasserhussain1110!!! :grin:


You did a good job, @yasserhussain1110

I just finished my own pinterest clone app too. Hello everyone in the house, Please look at it, I need feedback. Thanks.

Github Link:


Very nice job @muisoft!


Thanks for your feedback @dionnysierra