Finished Simon Game

Finished Simon Game


Finally I have finished my last project for front end certification.

Please give a feedback on it and help me to grow!


Nice work. I tried it and made it to 16


It would be nice to start a new game without having to turn the machine off and back on and then click start again.

Also, I noticed I can switch to strict mode in the middle of a normal game and it does not reset the game. That is fine if that was your intention, but since you do not have a way to click start again to reset the game, I have to turn off the game and turn it back on again in strict mode before selecting start to begin a game in strict mode.

Another strange bug is I can not select strict mode unless I have already started the game. Also, once in strict mode, I can not toggle back to normal mode without turning off the game and clicking start again.


wow…keep trying maybe you can do 20 too!


Thank you for your valuable feed-backs! :slight_smile: