Finished Tribute Page.........Welcome Feedback

Finished Tribute Page.........Welcome Feedback


Hi fellow campers,

I’ve just finished my tribute page and would love some feedback.

Let me know your thoughts,




Nice Job. My only suggestion would be to maybe add links to Alexander’s social media accounts or add a picture of his UFC Debut or the fight against Jones just to add a bit more to it but that can also be personal preference. Looks good though :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Oscar.

I have 3 things to point out:

  • You forgot to close your <ul> tag (it works fine without it, but it’s better to close every tag);
  • The font in the 3rd big <div> is too small. I think 15px / 16px is great.
  • A larger space between the two buttons and the last <p> would make the page look better.

I hope I helped,