Finished Weather App! Please critique!

Finished Weather App! Please critique!


This is actually a remake. I made it once using OpenWeatherMap, and was not satisfied. This version uses,, skycons for, and google reverse geocoding.

Some features are:

  • A 5 day forecast

  • slight data visualization

Any advise or critiques are appreciated! :slight_smile:


I like it! I’m not sure what the column chart adds to it (and I’m not the biggest fan of that bright green), but I really enjoy everything else besides that, particularly the icons.


Thank you and duly noted! I like the icons as well. When I first made my weather app, I made it super basic and just felt like it was lacking content. My thought with the charts was to add a bit of content, while trying to make the information easier to read. As for that pesky green, i can probably tone down the saturation a bit :grin:


i’m a total noob on here, so it’s hard for me to really critique, but the animated icons are cute and the overall look is clean.


Looks good on mobile. The corner triangles are getting into your content a bit. I would maybe add a low temp to go along with your high temp. Outside of that, it looks fantastic.


Thank you! You’re right, the corner triangles were getting in the way. I added them to the media query for larger screens. Also there should be a color for “low”(subjective) temperatures. It’s blue and only appears for temps below 60F/15C. perhaps I should raise it, that’s just what i consider low. I actually was surprised to discover how warm the northern hemisphere is in the summer. I had to search for Norway or Canada to get to see blue!