First FreeCodeCamp project

First FreeCodeCamp project


Guys I developed a tribute project.
Click on link below :
My Project

Please give feedback and suggest me so that I can improve it.
Thanks in advance…:slightly_smiling_face:


@sgstarade This looks great! I like your font choice, your HTML markup is clean and easy to read, and your CSS is DRY and to the point. Well done.

I think you may want to modify the alt attribute in this code:

<img src="" alt="Steve's famous quote">
<p id="caption">The famous quote which touches our heart every time we hear it.</p>

I feel like a person using a screen reader will want to know what the quote is, rather than that it’s “Steve’s famous quote.” Here’s a link that discusses this more:

I try to avoid inline styles like <em> whenever possible. Here’s a good discussion about the separation of concerns:

Even though it works and it’s handy, styling IDs with CSS is sometimes frowned upon. Here’s something to read about that if you’re interested:


@camper Thanks. It is really helpful. As a beginner, you expect experienced people to guide you. Here you are.
I would improve on the points you mentioned.