First Project Bootstrap CSS

First Project Bootstrap CSS


Hi everyone (first post, loving this learning format in FCC).

I am working through my first project, the tribute page. After getting through the basic setup of the site on codepen, I wanted to run the code on my local Chrome browser to see it there. However the bootstrap features do not show.

What links for bootstrap should I add at the top of my code to remedy, or another solution I may not have thought of?

I figure this is beneficial to know when I eventually want to set my own stuff up outside of the FCC and Codepen code editors.

Thanks :grinning:


Two ways:

  1. Add Bootstrap as remote download while your local page loads
  2. Add Bootstrap as local download, ie it’s already downloaded from and copied in your page’s directory, or better - in a specific location from where you can load it for all your projects

In both cases there are installation steps ‘how-to’, which are very, very, very short and easy


If you want to see what Codepen adds behind-the-scenes, you can simply download the pen. When you are viewing your pen it the Editor View, you will see an Export link in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Click the Export link and you see Clicking this will download a compressed file which you can then access and uncompress.


When you uncompress the downloaded file, you will see an index.html file and a css and js folder (if you used those sections in your pen). You can then open the index.html in a local IDE or text editor to see how Bootstrap and other external files are linked to your project.



Thank you Randell and Quantuum. I tried both just to get the experience on options and both work well to get them up on my local Chrome.

Appreciate the quick notes.


Well, I found that in some situations the ‘Export’ button is missing on Chrome, so already reported codepen/support :wink:


Codepen replied that it’s possible some ad-blocking plugins to interfere with the interface. In our case the missing ‘Export’ is caused by using a script blocker (most of the users use them because there are lot of malicious sites, also they lower the cpu load and sites are faster) against


Understood thank you very much for the update Quantuum!


Well, not a problem for me. Let’s make it clear for everyone on FCC - if you have blocked, you cannot see the ‘Export’ function in