Fixing the structure of freeCodeCamp

Fixing the structure of freeCodeCamp


I know that this site just had a major overhaul, but are there any plans in place to work on how lessons are ordered? The site recommends doing all of them in order but the current way to do all the lessons is very unorganized. It starts out very structured and introduces you to the fundamentals of programming but quickly veers off into other topics.

For example, ES6 comes very early in the Javascript section and introduces more advanced topics without even teaching the basics. At some point, you learn how you would use functions like pop() and shift() before you learn the basics of data structures. The methods are covered again after you learn the basics.

I was really excited to try to finish freeCodeCamp and try to get all the certificates, but it’s getting pretty demoralizing when we shift to a totally different topic after focusing on one section. Even as somebody with a decent amount of skill in programming, I found certain parts very confusing.


I agree, ES6 should be placed somewhere after Basic Algorithm Scripting.

The “rule” of following the curriculum in order is propably meant for working through a subsection and in particular for the whole Responsive Web Design section. I feel like after that it is very much possible to follow whatever path you enjoy… Some subsections build on others of course.