Foreign Currency Exchange - Feedback Pleeeeease

Foreign Currency Exchange - Feedback Pleeeeease

Hi! What can I do to improve this application?
Try it on the phone/tablet/desktop if you can.
Looking for all kinds of criticism, you can be harsh or not harsh.
I made the logo, background image, and favicon myself using Gimp.

Here is the application.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Here is the code.


Hi Brandon. The design of it is nice, but it does not convert the money correctly and it shows the converted currency always in dollars even when I was converting to euros or any other currency.

The page displays correctly on the desktop and on the phone as well.

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Thank you very much for the feedback! You have made some good points. I was not thinking about the dollar symbol. I will make some changes. Now how about the money not being converted correctly? Are the numbers off? I think that Python might be rounding the number a bit. I am making a query from an exchange website API that should have accurate conversion rates.

@Genome22 Fixed project! Thanks to you. Now it is working better. I also updated the code so that if a person selects currencies from the same country it will return an equal amount.

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Hi @brandon_wallace, well done to the changes that you have made in your project, good job. :slight_smile:

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Looks very cool. It is a little hard to find the right currency, so I think it might be a good idea to sort the list of currencies, probably alphabetically, but maybe want the common ones (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) at the top, above an <hr /> tag.

Regarding the styling, I would probably add a bit of padding-left and padding-top as it is quite close to the top-left edge of the screen on Desktop. On Mobile, it looks good, but I think I would look better if it was centred.

If you wanted to go further you could add a slide rule, and keyboard up and down buttons to choose the value and also add a button to switch the values (i.e. if you are converting USD to AUD, with one click you can change to convert AUD to USD).

Nice Work!!

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Hey Brandon,
I see that you have the conversion for USD to pretty much all other currencies worked out. What you might want to do when it isn’t USD to other currencies is make the USD conversion behind the scene and then make the conversion to the other currency.

USD to PLN = PLN (this works just fine.)

PLN to USD = USD (this also works.)

MXN to PLN = ??? (doesn’t work.)

MXN to PLN = MXN to USD to PLN

I hope that makes sense.

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@sgedye THANKS!!! I have improved the project thanks to your recommendations. I added padding in desktop mode, it was too close to the edge of the screen before. I thought the dollar bill in the background balanced out the design. Thinking about the keyboard effect, do you know of any way I can implement something like that? Have you seen other websites like that?

@ADean THANKS!!! I had some problems with the elementry level math. LOL. I fixed the calculation and compared it with other websites. The calculation matches up most of the time except for the cents.