Forum Code Formatting

Forum Code Formatting


This post is modeled on, but modified for the slight differences between the Forum and Gitter. If you are interested in using Spoiler blocks, check this post: Spoilers.

You can post code in two ways. Single word/line snippets can be handled inline. Multiple lines should be handled in code blocks:


Wrap your code in a single back ticks:


Code Blocks

Wrap your code in triple back ticks, with new lines between the back ticks and code:


Typing Backticks:arrow_heading_up:

QWERTY and QWERTZ (Key that’s been marked with red border)

AZERTY France (Alt Gr + Key that’s been marked with red border)


AZERTY Belgium (Alt Gr + Key that’s been marked with red border)

enter image description here

QWERTY Estonian (Key’s that have been marked with red border)

Can someone tell me the difference between these?
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I had so much trouble with that


Thanks for being so kind to teach me this trick.
When you’re knew, the simplest thing can derail you. I was thinking “I clearly should not be a programmer if I can’t even figure out how to post to the forum properly.”


I am having problems with my Windows laptop to make this work. Do you know how to resolve this issue?


Thanks alot sir for teaching me this…its really good