Fractional Input w/ Decimal Metric/Imp Converter

Fractional Input w/ Decimal Metric/Imp Converter


First I use eval in a get number function
and probably Fractional Input w/ Decimal it is 1/2 2.2 ```
It is not good test when I must guess

test('Fractional Input w/ Decimal', function(done) {
        var input = '1/2 w/ 0.5L';
  assert.equal(convertHandler.getNum(input),"invalid number");
and similar next 

(double fraction)’ I think is 1/2/2L

I tested when I put there 1/22.2mi I get 2 the eval from 1/22.2 make only 2
if I use num= Number.parseFloat(result) from 1/2 I get just 1.
and why is double fraction not needed in original if there is Math result of 1/2/2= 0.25?
let say the firsttests I let with parseFloat ,but than when fractions there must be eval used, so I am miss something?