Francis II Rákóczi Tribute Page Project

Francis II Rákóczi Tribute Page Project

I’ve submitted my very first project in my life. All feedback is very much appreciated. Beginner here, but please don’t be gentle! I am excited to learn. Pen link:
Thanks all!



Good job. I’m not a fan of the tangerine font. It’s hard to read something that looks like it’s in all caps.

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How about centering the image and the text underneath it? Also, use CSS to control the styling (width/height) of the image. To make the image responsive, you must use the Bootstrap 4 class of img-fluid. To center the image, you can use “mx-auto d-block” also.
img HTML

<img class="img-fluid mx-auto d-block" src="" alt="problem with source">

caption HTML

<div class="mx-auto d-block caption text-left">Ádám Mányoki: Portrait of Prince Francis Rákóczi II, 1724, Oil on canvas, 77,5 x 62,5 cm, Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest</div>


img, .caption {
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Bit different now. Reminder of the project site:

Thank you very much for your feedback.