Free 30 day vanilla JS Course by Wes Bos

Free 30 day vanilla JS Course by Wes Bos
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Hey Everyone,

Wes Bos just released a free 30 day course to learn vanilla JS. I cannot recommend this enough…


@robertguss Thanks for sharing this! :+1:


Any idea how long this lasts? I am interested, but I do not have time to do this in the next 30 days…


The course takes 30 days (or 30 videos), but I believe it is free forever.


Wes does a thing where he invites you to commit “publicly” to doing the course and invite others… that way it’s harder to quit. So who would be lovely enough to go have a look and give us feedback, uh? I’ve been on a “register” loop ever since I started FCC and have now more accounts and logins than neurons. Not sure it would be wise to start yet another thing…

come on little ones, who wants to have a go :slight_smile: ?

[EDIT] it means I have LOTS of accounts, not few neurons. Just FYI.


I was just about to create a post for this as well!


I’m going to do this course, but not until I finish all the algorithms for the Front End. However it’s so tempting to jump in right now! :blush:


But…if you can do all the algorithms in Front-End you’ll probably want more than that course?

I’m more like “what can I do before I tackle the next algorithms” than “what to do after” !


I’ve converted this post to a “review”. As you all get a chance to finish this course, please feel free to leave a 1 - 5 star rating, and a short review :slight_smile:


I want to do the course after the algorithms, but before starting the Advanced Front End projects. However, you might be right, it might be a good idea to do the course earlier (just after I finish Intermediate Algorithms) because I struggle with some of them a great deal.


Oh I wasn’t giving advice at all - not there yet :slight_smile: I was just surprised / impressed.

Besides “whatever works for you !”.


I am also going to take this course :slight_smile: I’ll be back with a review! Thank you for sharing!

EDIT: So far so good. I’ve gone through 3/30 videos and I like it.
Teaches well, right to the subject and also explains in deep details some new concepts! A+ from me so far!

EDIT 2: I’ve got to 13/30, learned a lot of tricks! Recommended!


I am also on the third video out of thirty, and plan on doing a couple a day as ‘exercises’ on top of my other study (from books and youtube) for JS, and at the moment, they have been incredible helpful to put what I have learnt from these sources into a practical effort, I can definitely see this course having use on the whole ‘think like a programmer’ mindset that I’m sure i’ll need once I attempt the JS challenges!


An excellent resource. I’ve already learned a lot from this.


This is a phenomenal course thanks @robertguss for posting…


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Bummer, I have no idea why. Connecting from home on my private network. Time Warner won’t provide anything relevant.

Edit: Looks like my blacklist was lifted.


Maybe try contacting Cloudflare, and Create a Ticket

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I’m halfway through this course and it’s excellent. Probably one of the best medium level Javascript courses out there.


This course is really cool. Have now done the intro, now fully going to dive in


I am only in day 14 but this course is good. 5 stars for well thought out concepts and materials, and also for practical examples.