freeCodeCamp 2018 JAMstack Hackathon at GitHub in San Francisco on November 3 - 4

freeCodeCamp 2018 JAMstack Hackathon at GitHub in San Francisco on November 3 - 4

Hi Rebecca, it looks like your git repository is in the src/pages folder of your gatsby site, rather than the full gatsby folder. Netlify uses the build script in the package.json file to create the site so the repo needs to include it to recognize your project as a gatsby site.

Try creating the repo in the parent folder of your src folder, which should be named whatever you named it when you ran “gatsby new” (it looks like in the above tutorial they named it “gatsby-site” in step 5).

Once you push the repo to github you should see the src folder as well as a few configuration files like package.json on the top level. When you see this you should be ready to connect it to Netlify.

Hope that helps - let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

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Wondering too.

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Did anyone get invites via emails yet after applying?

We have about a month left till the hackathon so I want to start prepping for it.


I got the reply

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yeah, I saw that just now too :slight_smile:


Are we going to pitch during the hackathon?


I did too and I have a question regarding the live streaming. Is there somebody I can contact via email?


I’ll ask anyway as I want to have this set if possible well in advance.

It said that there will be livestreaming during the hackathon for those online. I don’t know if it’s possible at all but is there a way to have real time captions? Or will there be supplemental materials to assist? Or is the livestream video something that could be ‘ignored’?


and @QuincyLarson… tagging you as I have no idea who to get ahold of. (sorry I know you are a super busy guy right now with the major undertaking going on right now!).


Hi. Can anyone help me find where is my folder for the gatsby.
It seems like i was successful created it, but now i don’t know where it’s is to navigate
Plus, is there anybody there have same problem like me when all the gastby, node, npm are in the /root and you can’t change the directory for them?


I’m having trouble with the gatsby installation. I’m stuck on step #5 when I run gatsby new gatsby-site I get gatsby: command not found


Did you install Gatsby in step 4?


If you followed the instructions, gatsby-site folder should be located at where you executed your command. You want to move to a folder/directory by using cd where you want to create it and run step #5 again. There you will see it.

You shouldn’t change directory for those modules. You’ve probably installed them globally so you should leave them as where they are.


Try running step #4 again.

If you are using windows, omit ‘sudo’.


yes i completed step 4


i did and still the above error


@boocheet1 Make sure gatsby is installed correctly. Type ‘gatsby -v’ in command line to check if you get a version output. If not, it means gatsby was not properly installed. If you get a number like ‘2.4.3’, it should work. Make sure you include -g flag so its installed globally.


Hey @QuincyLarson , I haven’t got my ticket yet… I had submitted the form quite a while back…
Is there any problem on my side or yours??/


Thank you my environment was messed up Its fixed and completed website. thank you all

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Hi quincy whenever time i go back to my challenges it takes me back first challenge how i can continue where i left and see all the challenges i did


It sounds like you may have signed in with a duplicate account. Try signing in and using a different email address or social media account that you may have used in the past.