freeCodeCamp 2018 JAMstack Hackathon at GitHub in San Francisco on November 3 - 4

freeCodeCamp 2018 JAMstack Hackathon at GitHub in San Francisco on November 3 - 4


why i am getting an error there?


@vamsikrishnareddybev, have you solved step #12? how?

Do you have any error message for the snapshot? something? in console?


@QuincyLarson I am not able to create new gatsby-site . I am using windows and using git bash


Try to upgrade the NPM(command in the image message), I don’t think it’s related though.

Has the process finished? or got stuck?
Can you try again, maybe there were some connection problems.
You can rerun and if he original command won’t override the directory then just create new one, for example:
gatsby new gatsby-site_2


I didn’t received any email confirmation.


In some situations, yes - you may be able to run the command without the “sudo”.

I put the “sudo” at the beginning just to be sure people were able to install this globally and didn’t encounter some permissions-related error from their operating system.


If you submitted it we should have received it. We’ll send you an email in a week or two with a status update. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I am trying to open my Gatsby Default Starter in VS Code (Step #7) but am having difficulties. Help please!


What does your cmd look like? What is the exact problem?


I opened the Gatsby Default Server in a browser and now I am trying to get that page into my VS Code. I got it, but not in the manner showed in Step #7’s photo with all those extra files. It is my first time using VS Code.


There a few files with the same name in the VS Code which can totally be overwhelming.

I suggest that you go to SRC > Pages > js index.js

You click on the files as breakdown so if its easier to visualize. I will attach a screenshot of how I did it:


So the problem is that I am not sure how to get to that Gatsby-site file with all its children files into my VS Code.


Hi everyone.
I’m stuck here.
I have build and deploy my app on Netlify but got this error when I click on the app url
Page Not found
Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.

← Back to our site
Any help please.


Can you share a screenshot of your vs editor?


What does your file structure look like?


Thanks sir
here is my vs screenshot


This is my vs editor screenshot
Thanks for your help


Any suggestion please.


It looks correct to me. Try creating a different netlify project and upload your github repo there.