freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Implement Quick Sort

freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Implement Quick Sort

Implement Quick Sort

Problem Explanation

  • Quick sort is an efficient sorting algorithm. It’s an in-place algorithm so it doesn’t take any auxilary space.
  • First pick a random pivot point around which move all the smaller elements to it to the left of it and the bigger elements to the right of it.
  • After getting the pivotIndex which is essentially the fixed position of that element, we find other pivotIndex by recusirvely calling this function.
  • Quick sort’s worst case is O(n2) but that can be avoided if we pick random pivot point, so that way it’s big O is O(nlogn).
  • It’s space complexity is O(logn).
  • It’s an unstable algorithm.
  • Quick sort in action


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
//Swapping array elements via ES6 array destructuring
function swap(arr, x, y) {
  [arr[x], arr[y]] = [arr[y], arr[x]];

//Pivot function returns the fixed pivot point
function pivot(arr, left = 0, right = arr.length - 1) {
  let shift = left;
  for (let i = left + 1; i <= right; i++) {
    //Move all the small elements on the left side
    if (arr[i] < arr[left]) swap(arr, i, ++shift);

  //Finally swapping the last element with the left
  swap(arr, left, shift);
  return shift;

function quickSort(array, left = 0, right = array.length - 1) {
  if (left < right) {
    let pivotIndex = pivot(array, left, right);

    //Recusrively calling the function to the left of the pivot and to the right of the pivot
    quickSort(array, left, pivotIndex - 1);
    quickSort(array, pivotIndex + 1, right);
  return array;

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