freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements

freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements


a elements, also known as anchor elements, are used to link to content outside of the current page.

Here’s an example:

<p>Here's a <a href=""> link to Free Code Camp</a> for you to follow.</p>


There is a bug I put :

Here’s a cat photos

" and it's not ok for validate.

Sorry for my english I learn English and coding :slight_smile:

can you help me


link to cat photos
this is the answer i think buddy… good luck!


Well, I passed this challenge but I’m stuck on that page. It’s not moving forward, is this the end or what?


Had the same problem,i refreshed my page and it worked like a charm. (No its not the end)


even though wrote the correct code, code is still not running…is there something wrong with the below code…plz help somebody…

Here's a link to Free Code Camp for you to follow.


Guys it is not letting me pass
fix it


finally it worked…


how? what did you do differently?


Try refreshing your screen first. I just had the same problem and refreshing the screen fixed it.

Make sure to copy your code before refreshing, just to be safe!


thanks pal. appreciate your input


I’m having the same issue, I’ve refreshed the screen several times and its still not letting me pass.


The anchor text must be exactly "cat photos"
Include the “” and it will work buddy!


hey guys can anyone tell me how can i pass this challange…
i m getting some trouble…


Enter this code below the image tag:

View more Cat Photos


Nope still didn’t work.

… Figured it out (user spelling error ugh !)


Here is the correct answer friends. fill in the missing > on </a and </p because the comment won’t allow the snippet to be fully correct or returns “Cat Photos” with the link in comments which is no bueno.

Here's a <a href= 'website name' (hit return to move a line down) cat photos </a has cat photos </p


Nothing actually…I rfeset my code…

Here’s the correct syntactical statement:

Here's a cat photos for you to follow.



Try This one it will work
"cat photos".