freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

Great, I’m finishing up the Simon project, almost done with the Front-End. Thanks for keeping it available!



Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this day for months!



It’s up to you. A lot of beta doesn’t yet work. I would definitely recommend building the beta projects instead of the ones currently on



Do the new challenges require you to use specific technologies in their development? For example, the most challenging projects on the old system were the React projects (IMHO), but I didn’t see where React was required for the new certificates. Was I just missing this requirement somewhere?



It also looks like the new challengers are a little easier than the original challenges. Is this the intention?



@QuincyLarson I’m wondering on exact same things. Can you please say something regarding this?




Hi, Quincy.

I’ll wait for the announcement of the date when the beta projects accept new signups

Thank you for all your work



I don’t believe you will have to use React if I recall reading a post a while back correctly. Bootstrap and Node/Express haven’t really been required, but when I started React was. I am pretty sure Quincy said earlier this year that you could use any front-end framework for the current projects. I don’t know how this will apply to the beta curriculum, but I am guessing it will take the same approach as before - the curriculum will “teach” jQuery, Bootstrap, React, but you will be free to use what you want.

Looking at the projects now it specifically says:

Use whichever libraries you need

So, you should be fine.

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Seems like beta public profile still doesn’t work or this happens just for me?

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Brilliant! I guess this is the post many of us have been waiting for for some time now! Psyched for the beta official launch date!

Great job by the FCC team to always ensure high-quality and accessible learning!



Excellent work! This is some solid planning!

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I doubt Quincy has a rollout date for 2017 based on how he structure his statements. I believe we will just have to wait patiently and keep coding until this update happens. I presume he wants a seem less transition from beta to the live website. There are lots of work to be done by his team of developers and testers. I’ve done a lot of challenges on beta and they are still very buggy, so I am going out on a limb here by seem less aging Quincy doesn’t have a date. This is just my “two cents” on the matter. I am loving beta already based on what I have seen, I am so excited for it. :slight_smile: Good job @QuincyLarson and his development team.

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I can confirm: we don’t have a specific date.

freeCodeCamp is a volunteer-driven community. Volunteerism should be as fun and stress-free as possible. So we don’t impose deadlines on our contributors.

Instead, we try to break tasks down into as small bits as possible - and make them as independent from other tasks as possible - so that hundreds of people can work on different tasks in parallel.

We are making progress toward shipping the new beta certificates. I just can’t give you a specific release date, because even I have no idea how soon all the tasks necessary will be done.

What I can tell you is we can definitely use help, and if you’re interested in contributing, check out



The projects are as tool-agnostic as possible. They should be completable using tools like React, jQuery, or Angular, and may soon be compatible with Vue as well.



So will there be any of the coding interview preparation built into the new system?

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You are putting so much work into helping people on both sides, thank you for showing people the way :slight_smile:



Thanks for updating this through the beta version.

Is there any way we can get credit for doing some of the work that is compatible in the current freecodecamp and beta? I would be discouraged if I had to start over from the beginning (although it would be good practice). I’m at Basic Alogrithm Scripting and I’m not sure when I will finish the Front End.

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thanks for the update!

I am pretty jazzed that the old certs are still available since I am in the midst of doing them…

and excited for the next stage too :smiley:



The interview prep section will be thousands of additional algorithm and data structure challenges, thousands of multiple choice questions about technology, and hundreds of “take home assignment” projects with working examples. This will give you more than enough practice to gear up for interviews.



Almost all of the curriculum is optional. You just have to do the projects associated with each certificate. So if you do the beta projects now, you can re-submit them once the new certificates are live, and you’ll be able to resubmit them and claim the certificates immediately.


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