freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

Yeah, but how is that any fun? I for one don’t mind the extra practice :grinning:



Its awesome , it is a great effort

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@QuincyLarson - super worried here - i have completed 260 steps in old version , including all intermediary projects, really close to completing my front end certification …

I am really enjoying it , but now does it mean that all will change and i will not be able to be certified in old format …

Also 6 certificates with 300 hours each , do you not think you are just making it too big and intimidating for people to not give up mid way…

Many can commit up to 3-4 months for FCC but new tasks of 1800 hours means atleast 1 year …

Also your beta link is not working …


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as mentioned in the first post from Quincy, you will be able to continue and get the certificates in old format.



I’d love to take a look a the new projects, but the beta map isn’t working. When I click the link, I get what’s shown in the screenshot. I’m also getting a lot of blocked content in my console because the content “violates the following Content Security Policy directive”. This is happening on both Chrome and Firefox, and disabling AdBlock and similar extensions doesn’t solve it.

Hope I can see the new map soon; I’m ready for some new projects!

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It has been inconsistent. I had the same issue roughly 9-12 hours ago but it was working long enough for me to check it out when I woke up this morning in Beijing. But yeah, just confirmed it is down again.

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Thanks @QuincyLarson ! I have been slacking on FCC for a year now but I look forward to the release of these challenges. I especially appreciate the way it breaks apart the three monolithic certifications offered right now into smaller chunks, so that if one spends ~20 hours a week they can be completed in two months.

I have had such a hard time getting started again, I have been considering a Dreamweaver course for college credit just to help develop ‘design chops’. A year ago I got 264 points but was having a hard time with retention, even after taking some supplementary courses on TeamTreeHouse. I know I should just bust through it, submit my projects and that doing this sort of work all the time will help me better retain the the boring mundane…but yeah, this moving things around I hope will help me gain momentum.

I have also been meaning to ask around what the best way to reset my progress on the challenges would be. Maybe just delete my account and start over? Anyways, thanks again! It is great to see the platform evolve and I hope FCC remains relevant far into the future!



Just wanted to say thank you for the great deal of thought and planning that’s gone into this.

I actually just finished the (old) tribute page project, so I might poke around the responsive design track and see if I can learn a new thing or two to enhance the project before resubmitting it for the beta.




“But not a single camper has accomplished this to date, because they all get developer jobs long before they’re able to clock this many hours.”

well…that’s good :slight_smile:

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Will there be data science track soon?

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Hi @QuincyLarson, have you got an update for this? We are getting closer to the Dec 31st signup deadline. :slight_smile:



Well, that’s a shame… :thinking::expressionless:



We’re making steady progress on this. If you’ve already created a account, you don’t have anything to worry about. This will only affect people who sign up after the cut off date (Dec 31, 2017).



These certificates are awesome adition. The question is if they count as an actual programmer qualification certif or they are just a proof that you did something and a qualidied person approves that you have the skills you are talking about? Not sure if i made myself clear: in other words what is the difference between this certificate and a paid one on devmountain or stuff like that?



Imo, a college degree is pretty much the only “certification” that carries weight in and of itself (I know a degree/diploma/ etc. isn’t the same as a certification, I’m making a comparison). Most other certifications whether from Udemy, freeCodeCamp, EdX, etc. pretty much show that you have done a certain amount of work. A certification isn’t really a requirement or boost for most jobs (again, college degree is exception). FreeCodeCamp is especially nice as not only do you have certificates when you are done, but also real live projects you can show to others to demonstrate what you can do!

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“question is if they count as an actual programmer qualification certif”

They hold as much weight as in the eyes of a potential employer looking to hire you. Some will want degrees (including Masters/Phd level) and some are fine enough with just showing them a small portfolio with no formal education at all. Figuring out where you want to work and/or the type of work you want to be doing will help you to narrow down the tech stacks you need to learn and what/if any type of formal training required for those types of jobs. Either way, free is great, we all learn using different formats, and my opinion is that unless you want to be outdated in a matter of months in this industry, NEVER stop learning! I first learned JavaScript in the late 1990’s and I am still learning new things every time I pick up another book, read another article, and/or sit down and write code! This is what I love about being a programmer!

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Tyvm your answer and @IsaacAbrahamson told me what i wanted to know :slight_smile:

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So for someone who started on the old platform and got the three certificates (Front-End, DataViz, and Back-End), the only way to get the Full Stack certificate is to wait for the release of the new platform and complete all other certificates?

I thought after getting the 3 old ones I could spend some time on the Open Source for Good projects (now that nonprofit work doesn’t happen anymore) and still get the Full Stack certificate.

I have also seen another thread saying all you need is the 3 old certificates to get the full stack one, but that doesn’t seem right.



@hsribei That’s correct. If you get all 6 of the new certs (if you have the 3 legacy certs, you’re already like 80% of the way there) then you can claim the full stack cert.

And to be clear, we’re still coding for nonprofits. Nonprofits are using the tools the community is building. The difference is we’re no longer building one-off solutions, but rather tools that many nonprofits can use, which will be maintained long term by the community.



I am mind blown by all this, thank you guys for everything you have done for the coding community!