freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

Im working through it just now. Nothing is being saved but I am copying my code into sublime text in case I need it when the beta goes live.



It’s fine, I just bookmark the challenge I pause at for the day. While the projects i do are saved on codepen.
So if the curriculum gets released, i can simply submit my projects and move on to the next challenge.

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I try the beta site, then found load of bugs, thought it is not ready for prime time, so went back to the current version.

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Idk how to save manually.
I am a beginner (110 points done only) and everything is interesting and discovery to me, at the moment. So i would need to copy the whole screens each time etc…
I am sticking to old version for now. Thanks for the tip though.



I would recommend for everything you do, keep a local offline copy of your work.
Basically, create .html files on your computer.
If you are not sure how to do this just ask.

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quick question:

is the Kanban updated as of now?




If you just copy paste you html or css you have created into a notepad document thats it saved. If you want to view the html as a website, change the end to .html

example test.txt I would change to test.html and when I double click it, it would open in a browser.



Thanks for the tips guyls.



I’ve tried to enter in the beta but always presents an error :cold_sweat:. Do you know how to use the beta site offline?



I don’t think you can use it offline.

What error are you getting, and are you online when it happened? Have you already created an account via the email authentication?




Which Version Should I Use?

I've been working on Beta, although I started on the old version. I felt it would be of more benefit if I could help FCC by beta-testing as I learned. If I really grasped JS/jQ, I would help fix stuff, but I'm really struggling with that (and hope the FCC material will help me!), and GitHub confuses me. It really is a breeze learning here, and I am so pleased that you get to "build" something as you go along! One gripe I have with other sites I've tried is that they keep jumping from one thing to another, so you never really get a good feel for what you're doing/creating.

Choosing which version is largely a matter of preference. You could even sit back and wait for the new version, but I don’t recommend that. Use your time wisely! :sun_with_face:

Beta is arranged differently than the old version, and has more bugs but, honestly, most of the problems I've found so far are English and curriculum mistakes - with a few exceptions. Then again, I'm not that far in, yet; Applied Visual Design, to be precise, which is the 3rd section (of 8) for the Responsive Web Design course.

Beta offers a better curriculum and more to learn, but what you do won’t be moved into the new version after its release, but you won’t get a cert. Yes, you CAN save your code to redo all those exercises in the new version. That said, Quincy has made it clear that, to earn a certificate in the new version, you don’t need to complete the challenges - you just need to complete the projects to show you know what you’re doing - it’s equivalent to “testing out” of a class because you’ve already mastered what is taught in it. Beta allows you to toggle the map (hyperlinked menu of all exercises, in order), instructions, editor and output panels.

The original version can be run through to the end and you'll get one of the original certs, but it doesn't contain everything that Beta (or the new version) has, so you may miss out on newer material. That said, you could go to Beta (or wait for the new version) later and brush up on what you missed; you could even complete projects to get another cert in the new curriculum.

Saving Your Work

An easy way to save your work is to copy-paste the code into any text editor (Notepad, for example), or coding editor (Sublime Text 3, Visual Studio Code, eMacs, Notepad++, Atom, etc.). @angelinalblyth explained how to do this 3 days ago (post #86), but I wanted to add these suggestion:
  1. You can make separate files for each exercise or just one big file but, if you're planning on going through Beta/New sequentially, forget it. The order is different between old and Beta/New, and may be different between Beta and New (although I doubt there will be many differences...but I did make an error report that included a very minor reorganization). If you're in the old version, saving separate files may be more advantageous - if they use the same titles in the new version, and keeping in mind there are fewer exercises than in the new. If you're in beta, a single, sequential file would be best.

  2. If you save, here're some suggestions for the format:
    • Use a formatted (numbered) list you can note down the number of to help you find the next thing in your list after you come back from a break/hiatus (E.G. "#51 next!")
    • List the exercise name and hyperlink (E.G. "Coloring your text" {not a valid link, just an example}).
    • Copy-paste the instructions (located at the bottom) and/or the checklist to make sure it matches what you must do in the new version (E.G. "Change the color of the h4 text to blue.").
    • Copy-paste the code you created, being sure to show where it must be placed in the mock-up code (E.G. "h4 {color:blue;}").
    • If it is complex, embed a screenshot (which means Notepad and other basic editors won't be useful, nor will some of the programming editors), and/or a screenshot of before and after you wrote your code, and/or ALL of the code, keeping in mind that the new version's challenges may not exactly match what you did, so you'll have to check. You may not want to minimize the map in Beta, as it may help you to find the right exercise at some point.
    • If you feel it's just too easy for you, make a note at the start of the entry to show that you should just skip it. You may discover that a lot of it becomes easy as time goes by...or not!
  3. I hope this helps!

    Errors & Beta-Testing

    If you DO decide to use Beta and find errors, PLEASE report them on

    GitHub but make sure to search through to make sure it hasn’t already been reported. I’ve had a couple I didn’t realize had been reported before, but most of the errors I’ve reported are original. If you do this, it can go on your resume/portfolio, which looks good!

    Helping Make FCC

    If you're a skilled programmer, you might be able to help fix errors, too! If you do this, it can go on your resume/portfolio, too - a bigger bonus!

    If you are using the old version, I believe you can report your errors here, but I believe it’s better if you report on GitHub.

    You should either note in the title or description of your error report which version of FCC you’re on.

    Don’t forget, if you want to buy the developers (devs) here something to eat, or pay for the server space, or whatever, you can always donate:smile:

    Oh, Guru…

    Is what I posted correct, @QuincyLarson? I’ll edit anything you say is wrong…

    Could you make a locked thread that you can provide info in so that everyone can be referred to one article to read, that is updated as needed, instead of having to wade through Q&A in multiple open threads, or, are you just updating your original post here and not the other thread? A wiki-style FAQ would also be helpful. :wink: If you’re updating the original post, you might want to make an OL so you can say “please read #n of my OP”. :slight_smile: That’s in addition to the titles, for extra drill-down. :wink:

    Also, please note @nicandromts asked a question in #85. I don’t know what a kanban is. :open_mouth:

    BTW - thanks for all that you do, Quincy and team!

    Note: I had some problems with the editor not showing emoticons, CRs and links correctly; you can see how the GitHub link starts on its own line. Not sure why.

    @LuisJaquez @KJ-Loki @gruncheon @orthocode @angelinalblyth @Jinxlaw @ssharizal @QuincyLarson



Thanks for your kind words. Yes - your assessment all looks correct to me.

The main thing - which you said but I want to re-emphasize - is that if you notice any typos or English usage errors, any bad tests - anything - make sure there isn’t already an issue, and then create one. This takes a bit of effort, but it’s the best way to help move the curriculum forward.

Thanks for your patience. We’re making steady progress on beta.



I didn’t even realise this was a thing when I signed up. Once I’ve finished my last front end development project I’m certainly going to which over to the beta.
Glad I took the time to browse the forums now!

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Cool =) Will you update certificate design ? Old version in my opinion looks more beautiful



The old version is indeed more beautiful with the art. But the new style is pure HTML/CSS and will look better on a variety of device widths and be easier to print. It also looks more formal, and employers seem to prefer formality in certificate design :slight_smile:



Hey FCC devs,
I noticed some major changes to the settings in beta, and even the appearance of the challenges has changed. Looks good! :+1:



Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but when do you plan on rolling out the Beta certificates? Are they claimable yet? I have completed the first two sections, but don’t have any certificates. If this functionality is simply not ready, please tell me (i searched on the forum, and from what I can tell, it should be). If not, I am text-dumping below, while my brain is on this problem, so that I can cut-and-paste into the github issues later.

  1. Responsive Web Design section: my codepens pass all the tests in the test suite, and the links are stored correctly in the settings section of my profile, but when I click the "claim.

  2. Algorithms and Data Structures: I have solutions for all of the challenges visible in the profile, and I clicked on the 4 steps of claiming the ceritificate, including the academic honesty pledge, and it still hasn’t registered.

Love the work you all do and can’t wait to learn more to be able to contribute in a hands-on way!



You may be able to claim them in beta at the moment (not sure if they’re 100% working at the moment) but even so, you will need to re-claim them once we release beta.

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I heard scuttlebutt at a meetup and on these forums saying that the solutions wouldn’t be carried over once the beta was pushed to production. It sounds like you’re saying that once QA is done, the certificates will merely need to be reclaimed on production. Does this mean that our user info, including solutions, will be copied into the production database, or should we keep offline copies of our solutions?



Nothing will be copied, but for certificates only the projects count anyway and those aren’t done on FCC.