freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

Save all your solutions. Saving everything locally and on github is a good practice to get into anyway. With github, there is never an excuse for losing code.



Are you recommending creating an instance of the whole beta locally and then backing that up to github? My solution had been to go through the modules and cut-and-paste into a local database.



No, I would create a local folder called fcc-beta and in it have a folder called 01 Basic HTML and in there I would have files like 01 Say Hello to HTML Elements.html and 02 Headline with the h2 Element. Or you could just have one big file called 01 Basic and just append each challenges code. And create a git repo and push those up once a night.



thanks. I had downloaded MongoDB in anticipation of forking the beta, and figured this would be a good practice run using their compass front-end, but either way, it’s time to script my life :slight_smile:



So if I am working on the front end certificate should I start working on the beta instead??




I’d vote Yes. :+1:

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That is up to you. I have been hearing about the coming of beta for a year now and we still don’t have a launch date or even an estimate. I’m not criticizing - it’s a hard job done by volunteers - but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

My recommendation is to work on the current site and save all of your code. Then if beta magically goes live before you finish, you can just cut and paste what is the same. Plus, the old site is more bug-free.

But at this point there is a chance that you will finish a certificate or two before beta goes live.



There are a bunch of us working our way through the Beta Curriculum right now, anticipating it going live in the near future. We just started in on the Javascript portion if you want to join us. It does seems like it was intended to be worked on after the Responsive web Design section, but they are separate enough that I think you could work on them in tandem without much trouble.

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is there a way to report bugs? the streak system is completely broken



I’m impressed by the new curriculum, I’m halfway through the “legacy” front-end development certificate and I’m going to complete it first and then start from scratch again with the new and upcoming curriculum, repetition is the best tutor after all.

I am truly grateful for and endlessly appreciate the effort from you FCC to help everyone learn.



@code_monkey The way to report a issue with freeCodeCamp is through the Github Issue Tracker.

However, The streak system has been already reported, so don’t open a new one since it will be a duplicate.



I’m confused about what to do as well. Especially since there’s no ETA for the beta. I am liking the beta a lot more and I really want to finish it. But I don’t feel like redoing everything because my progress got lost.



@Morrighain If you don’t want to redo everything I would then suggest you wait for beta to be released.

You can do the projects if you want since those will be independent from the beta and you can resubmit them once it is launched.



The main part of your progress that matters is the certificates you earn, which you can quickly claim by resubmitting your projects (paste 5 URLS into a form on the settings page and you’re done) so I wouldn’t worry about losing much progress.



I’m doing the same :wink:



You underestimate the (rather irrational) motivating factor of seeing a wall of “completed” checkmarks, or demotivating one of losing it. Most humans are buggy like that :smiley:



I laughed. This is SO true! :rofl:



OK Contributors pls take your time and thanks for this wonderful camp;
I look forward to see tons of delicious techs rolled out on FCC.
Happy Coding :heart_eyes:



@kevinSmith How cn we save our solutions locally or on the clouds. By saving Profile page Html?
Or is there any standard backup method?



I saved (cut and paste) the code into files on my computer and then pushed them up to github (a good thing to start doing anyway.) There are plenty of youtube videos on saving code to github.

Here is my github repo for you to get an idea. There’s a folder called “course-work”.