Frequently Asked Questions about the freeCodeCamp Beta

Frequently Asked Questions about the freeCodeCamp Beta


I just started and am only halfway through the HTML/CSS section in the current version, should I just hold off and wait for the beta to be finished?


Yes - all of your progress from will remain intact once we release the beta curriculum. Note however than any progress you’ve made on will not be moved over.


There’s no reason to hold off. Almost all of the challenges on will remain in the new curriculum.


Thank you QuincyLarson


Hey Quincy,

I already had an account on beta, but now I can’t log back in using the link you provided. I even tried resetting my password but it doesn’t work. Any other ways I can log back into the beta account? Thanks.


I don’t have a beta account but I remember reading a thread about this earlier. The URL is (tested and if you have a beta account it should work).

Can't sign in to FCC beta

The link worked! Thanks a bunch!


thanks for the link… allowed me to log back in and check the beta…

thanks again!


Hi Quincy.

I’ve been doing the Beta (signed in) for a few weeks, and have almost 400 points on it.

Are you saying that I could lose this progress at any time? Or was your comment regarding the Beta only if you’re not signed in? I’d hate to lose all my progress now…



I was just on the beta site, and I have to say that I love the new structure and can’t wait for this to go live. You have done such a fabulous job. I hope it is released soon.


What specifically would happen if i was closing in on finishing the existing front-end cert (for example, having one project left) and then the new FCC beta goes live?

Would I “lose my progress”, or could I finish the existing certification?


You can finish, you won’t lose progress.


I’d really love to be added to the beta. I know I can access the challenges, but would it be possible to be added officially so that i could save my progress?


Unless they have changed it, all progress will be wiped when Beta goes live. BUT! The projects are only the requirements to get the certificate. Algorithms section doesn’t have projects but that’s being discussed currently by the FCC team, maybe 5 hardest challenges. So, say you did your projects in Codepen. You would just have to provide the links to your projects again. Simple, easy and basically a way to “save” your progress.


Probably all the coffee breaks!


Thanks for your kind words. We’re getting really close! And the community has so much more exciting stuff in the works for 2017 as well :slight_smile:

freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

I really like the new layout from the Beta’s site, make’s more logical sense to me. Hoping that stays with the site.
Getting excited … :sunglasses:


Is there any way to disable Night Mode on the beta? Although I prefer it, ever since the new layout it’s nearly unusable.

Maps - Impossible to read:

Editor - The cursor is barely visible:


Hi, really love FCC and all your hard work. I was working away on FCC but was also using the beta version as well because I was finding it was helpful doing the tasks twice and I was learning a lot more that way; as well as the new tasks. I had an account on the beta version and did a lot of tasks but now I am frozen out of continuing with my progress. Will all of my hard work be lost on the beta version or can I commence from where I left off once it is up and running?


Beta progress won’t be ported over once the beta challenges become the production challenges. But you will be able to resubmit any projects you’ve built. And the projects are the only requirement for claiming the certificates.