From Fashion Model to a senior tech support job in 4 months - everything IS possible

From Fashion Model to a senior tech support job in 4 months - everything IS possible

Many congratulations on your success! I’m Irish myself (living in America), so this gives me hope of being able to relocate home someday. Good luck with the damp Irish winter, but enjoy the Christmas! The Irish Christmas is a lot of fun, and if your company is like most companies in Ireland/Europe, you’ll probably get ample time to visit your family either way.

Like others who have replied, my path is similar to yours. However, mine is even more similar than most in that I too have a Masters in Education (I agree with your scaffolding comment BTW, and I think Quincy and others are working hard to ensure that FCC Beta is scaffolded better than the current version).

Anyway, I was wondering how much of a part your education background played in helping you get this current position if any. Do you plan to use your coding skills in the field of education at some point? Also, what tips do you have regarding tweaking your LinkedIn profile to attract the interest that you did? I’ve been wondering about that for a long time.

Last question, I promise - did you include projects that you did from Colt’s course on GitHub, or was it all unique personal projects? I’ve always been on the fence as to whether I should include stuff I’ve done from following courses like that, which is a great course BTW.

Anyway, congratulations again! I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with moving, training, etc., so thanks for taking the time to fill us in on your story.


can you give me more information on the job? type of contract, duration, fulltime-parttime. How big is the company? Is the company an agency that does body rental or is it the final company in which you will work. Do you think the salary is adequate for living?

Best luck


Thankyou Johnny!

We’ve got a similar background then! I do actually think that all my experiences helped me BUT the educational science. I don’t really see any relevance of this master course in my current job…
My bachelor, on the other hand, shows that I have a little experience with computerscience (Information- and Communication science, where the computer part is more in the name than in the practice).

But my educational background was definitely a part of my motivation. I always wanted to change real world problems, and I feel that we can change a lot in schools. I for example would love to build apps for schools to innovate them. I am still having that in the back of my mind, to do this in the future.

On LinkedIn I put that I was very interested in developing websites and made it visible for recruiters (there’s an option in Linkedin: make my profile visible for recruiters). You can put it in your title too and add some recruiters to your network. From then, I got some messages from recruiters that asked me about my specific interests and experience. The recruiter that linked me to my currentjob found my resume on another webpage, which is called toplanguagejobs.

I built the yelpcamp with the developer course and changed it into a travelblogapp. I put this app online on my Github, together with my own website (which is similar to a portfolio page) and the javaScript pages.

It is quit overwhelming but I luckily have some time to respond to all your questions.

I’m pretty sure that there are opportunities here in Ireland, with so many big IT companies here! Good luck!!

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Hi shadow-lighter,

im sorry but I cant really answer all your questions in depth since I feel like this is very confidential information and my story already gives away a lot of personal information.
But I work fulltime at the moment at a big company. I dont want to share much more about it.


Congratulations! inspirational story
if you have time, a good way to learn is also to develop a simple project that you like, practice with codeschool or codecademy and code every day.
good luck!!


ok no worries. well the company is on your Linkedin profile anyway…


I wish you the best of luck. Take care and I hope your employer treats you well.


Thank you Soooo Much for sharing your amazing story. You won’t believe how much i am happy after reading your experience. i feel like a i still have chance to find a Job after i drooped from school to learn Programming. i Just bought the “the web developer boot-camp” you mentioned and i m willing to learn hard. Thank you so much again and i feel like if everything good happens to me in the future it’s because of you

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This is so beautiful. Thank you so much! <3

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so can anybody answer the questions she was asked in the interview? what would you say?


Wow amazing! It’s really hard to believe that you’ve made it, I am on my way too right now and this is very inspiring


Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

Have you started working by now? If so- how is it going? And how was it to move so suddenly to Ireland?


Hello Everyone! Thanks so much for all your positive comments and support!

I promised to give an update about the Job now that I started working, so here it comes.

First of all, I am extremely happy! The job is great for several reasons.

When I typed my story, I was in the airplane without knowing anything about how it was going to be. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have a house, and I wasn’t sure how I would find working fulltime in an office.
After one week, I moved into my own small flat, met a couple of people and got to know my new environment. Even tho the first week was very hectic, I was able to create some stability and was getting more comfortable and ready to focus on the actual work in the second week.

During the training, I learned so many new things. I am surrounded by a lot of great programmers. The work that I am doing is not necessarily a programmer job (I am giving technical support to Dutch companies to implement analyzing tools on their websites, so it is adding scripts/functions/datalayers to custom websites and CMS-built websites), but the more knowledge we have about HTML,CSS,JavaScript, Jquery and Datalayers and all the different CMSes, the easier the task and the better our results. That’s the reason why a lot of good programmers are working here. Some of them have their own freelancer jobs as well.
We do our job and during the free time we work on our own websites/apps/etc. I have access to great tools, such as additional courses, example websites of every CMS, specialists that I can ask questions, and a stable environment (something that I really missed during my time as a model).

I was also very happy when I received an invite for a Tech event for people that work in Tech in Dublin. I went there by myself and got to meet some very experienced programmers, but also people who started their journey on Freecodecamp and are now employed as programmers as well.

So, the thing that I love the most about it is the fact that it doesn’t interfere with my learning process but it enhances it.

Where there are pro’s, there are always cons as well , and I don’t want to come across overpositive (even tho I am, haha), so I will also state some of the cons of the job:

  • I am not used to sit down all day, while this job makes me sit 40 hours a week. After, I don’t want to do more on my computer because I have seen to much of the computer screen already.
    Therefore, When Im busy at work I don’t get to do my freecodecamp/udemy challenges. I’d rather go for a run/walk/gymsession.

  • Since a lot of my colleagues are so experienced, I feel like I lack behind on programming knowledge and skills.
    I also sometimes have to talk with webmasters and advise them. It makes me feel like I don’t know nearly enough to consider myself as a programmer.
    (But at the tech event, they told me that almost all programmers have this constant thought, since technologies are evolving so quickly and there are so many different things that you can learn. Therefore, Im trying to keep myself from putting too much pressure on myself).

But that’s basically all I can think of…

Overall Im super happy about how everything is going so far, and I feel like it can only go up from here since Im still learning new things everyday and now that Im used to my new environment, I can start enjoying it even more.

I think it is very important to be surrounded by people who are in the same position as you are or have been there before. So visit some tech events, start to talk with people and share your story. One thing that a lot of programmers have in common is that they are so much willing to help!

Good luck and Merry Christmas everyone!


Thank you! It was very informative and honest. Regarding the imposter syndrome. I think it is natural. After 10 years doing my job I now realize more than ever how ignorant I am. After a degree in engineering I realized that I also knew nothing about the work environment. Considering you did a switch in 4 months, I think it is fair and honest not to consider yourself as a programmer. Keep working! Merry Christmas and Happy NY.


Awesome testimony. Glad you broke into the industry so quickly. I will share this with my girlfriend (who happens to be a former model in the Philippines) because she is also interested in Web Development & Computer Programming.


:star: Congratulations. :star:
You are living proof of how you can achieve when you focus on something.
I believe you can learn anything you put your mind to and you clearly have the right motivation!
It took me a long time to get to be a programmer (I was technical support before).
But when I made it I found programming rewarding (and easier!). Much more than the technical support which felt like fire fighting problems every day.
It took me a while to get confident, maybe a year or so but after that I loved it.
Nowadays, compared to when I started there are loads of online resources available which have helped me upskill in different areas.
I’m not sure how programming compares to being a model but I’m sure you could still do that in your spare time if you wanted to. Being a programmer sounds much more like a long term career. Some places also give you free food! :rofl:
Best of luck and you know there are lots of us about to provide help if you ever need. :+1:



Thank you for sharing your original story and the update.

When I read that part, I couldn’t help wondering if you were talking about modelling or web development work. :grin:

After more than 30 years of teaching, I’m heading to a web development bootcamp next week. After that, who knows? There are lots of parallels between your story and my own (minus the modelling part, of course!)


@petersim Haha I understand the confusion! With that sentence I meant to build up a portfolio as a web developer.
Good luck with your bootcamp, Im really curious about the outcome of it!


How is it going at Google? I understand you work on a junior tech support for AdWords/AdWords Express/Analytics services at Google. Is it like helping customers to improve their experience and results with those product? Do you also work with software developers? Overall how do you describe your experience at Google?


When I read that part, I couldn’t help wondering if you were talking about modelling or web development work. :grin: