From FCC to Microsoft

From FCC to Microsoft

Sorry for reading this so late, but super congrats, @cndragn :tada::sparkles::raised_hands::raised_hands::sparkles:! I knew you’d be doing big things, but dang, this story and your achievement is amazing. Best of luck getting the full-time offer:crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:! Hope to attend a conference you’re presenting at someday :muscle:!

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Well first of all congrats!!! seriously you have really move a soul.Thanks

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Can someone who already have job apply? :thinking:

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Awe thanks so much!!! Wow you remember me?! :blush: I’ll def keep you updated…I can’t believe a month has flown by since I last posted. Time has been flying, and this has been a great experience. Only 2 weeks left! Holy cow!


I wish I had more info for you about this… a lot of people in my cohort came from other countries, but I don’t know the in’s and outs of the details with right to work and all of that.

Check out the website, and at the bottom is a link to email them. I’d def ask to be sure… I’ll also ask to see what info I can find :smiley:


Hrmm… the CS50x course and the FCC courses teach two sides to the same coin, so to speak. FCC teaches more of the practical dev skills, while the CS50x course teaches more of the computer science skills. Either one would be good for a beginner to start with…

Having said that…Id suggest starting with FCC, because you’ll get more tangible results sooner…meaning, you’ll have more to show for what you’ve learned and start building up a portfolio. Then I would do the CS50x…Im so, so glad that I did it because understanding the lower level has really helped me a lot while coding.

Also, not sure how it is at other companies (Microsoft is my only experience so far…) but there is kind of a…“I dont expect you’ll know or understand this because you dont have a CS degree”, and while they were right…theres a clear difference between those in my cohort with CS degress and those who do not, I was still able to follow along and connect at least some of the dots solely because of the CS50x course that introduced me to certain concepts which in turn help with picking up and learning what I needed to faster.


@bethany4143 … pychometry is totally right here…though I really love FCC and CS50x, those are def not the only resources I used, and Im continually finding and using other resources now too.

The key takeaway really is that the practical skills, and the CS knowledge go hand in hand… The practical skills will give you more sense of accomplishment, more to show for what you are learning, but the CS knowledge will help make you a much better developer.


I’m sorry it took me so long to reply!!! Here it is!

(you’re right @dagolinuxoid, its Simpson… I always get his name wrong. Gahh! lol)


LOL yes…I used to live on FCC forums! Had a tent in the corner and everything! hahaha!!! I really am looking forward to when things settle down a bit and I can get more involved again. I like it around here :smiley: I’ve learned so much from the community and want to be able to give back to it too.


Hehehe thank you!!! I’ve been so busy with this apprenticeship that I havn’t been able to get too involved with the local tech scene, but soon I will, and start getting geared up to connect and start making my way towards my goal to give presentations one fine day :relaxed:


Yup! As a matter of fact, one of the requirements is that you have at least 6mths industry experience before applying. The majority of people in my cohort had jobs when they applied to LEAP…!

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Many thanks for information. I hope I can follow your lead :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on your career success!

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Congrats- and good to see you are moving along well; was wondering how you were doing!

Hmm wonder if that’s why I was rejected? I didn’t get accepted; another person I know in my local Dev group also applied and she didn’t get accepted either (she is also newer to the tech scene than I am).

I may still try again though.


Very possible… The training we get is only 5 weeks, and its primarily to learn about Microsoft, specific tools they use here and practices, then you join your team to work on your project, so having experience under your belt really helps. Even so, it has been incredibly challenging… I know for sure if I only did bootcamp I would not have had a hard time here. Even additional time and experience working on personal side projects or doing some freelance work to hone the skills learned at bootcamp would be helpful.

There is another program called Apprenti for people who have little to no experience. The program is longer…6 months of actual coding courses, training and then 1 year of apprenticeship. I dont know a whole lot about it beyond that, but its something to check out.


@Ducky I wanted to add…definitely do try again though! As long as after bootcamp you have continued to learn, work on things, build up your skills and knowledge, you up your chances of getting accepted.

There are people in my cohort who it was their 3rd time applying before finally making it in. So yeah, definitely don’t give up. Shoot me a pm :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know when the next cohort is? Did see that the applications just opened on December 2nd and close on December 21st.



Im not entirely sure, but personally, my application window was through the end of May, and my first day of Leap was the third week of July… So I venture to guess the cohort will start sometime in Feb.


Hi…thank you for your post on FCC about your personal development and experiences you have had with FCC up to where you are now at microsoft.
I am really inspired.Your testimony has actually made me to practice my html ,css and javascript even more.I have couple of certificates from edx as well as SOLOLEARN.I am still trying to make sense out javascript as I keep striving not to forget what i have learnt so far.I really need to have command of javascript and would appreciate a few tips from you.
God bless you in your future endeavours at Microsoft or any other.