Hi guys!!! Okay so I’ve created a name function and I have two names for a return. Although one returned I can’t get other to do the same. How would I do this?

function fullName(firstName,lastName) {
   fullname =("Clark" , "Kent");
   return 'Clark Kent';

function fullName(firstName,lastName){
    fullname =("Jonah" , "Hex");


Here’s the link…


Hmmmmmm… that website looks suspiciously similar to Free Code Camp except for the not free part.

OK - you don’t write two functions - one for Clark Kent and another for Jonah Hex. You write one function that could handle any number of names. You give the function a first and a last name and it returns you those two as one string with a space between them.

Kind of like

// write code below this line
function fullName(first, last){
   var full = // some code to make name into one string 
   return full;
// write code above this line

// use the function like this
var firstName = "Donald";
var lastName = "Duck";

console.log( fullName(firstName, lastName) ); //prints Donald Duck

var user1 = fullName( "John", "Doe");
console.log( user1 );  //prints John Doe


Yes - this seems to be freeCodeCamp’s code. We are BSD-3 licensed, so they’re welcome to use our code as long as they don’t use the names of freeCodeCamp or any of our contributors as an “endorsement” of their products or services.


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