General Category Relevance Check

General Category Relevance Check


The description for this category seemed a bit vague to me.

Here’s my understating of it:

You can post anything you want in this category as long as it does not go against the Code of Conduct and it doesn’t seem to fit into any other category.

It’s kind of like an “Off Topic” category.

Am I correct?


It’s for general discussion of Free Code Camp, web development, learning to code, and other such conversations which are relevant to our community but aren’t better placed in one of our more focused categories. If you talk about you cats, your politics, or your favorite movies here then the topic will be closed.


would the topic be closed if I talked about topics that are friendly and non-offensive for all audiences?

for example:
cars, fans, plates, water bottles, etc.


Yes. I would consider the “cats” and “favorite movies” comment above to have addressed that.


This is a coding forum, so we discuss coding related topics.

Reddit has thousands of subreddits to cater to every whim and fancy you might have.


Well I want to talk about my water bottle and I dont know of any subreddit to cater my whim of waterbottles so I’'l talk about water bottles here.

I have 6 water bottles.
2 are by klean kanteen.
another one The state sent to me as a gift
my forth one is from a brewery
my fifth i bought at target
and my sixth is stainless steel

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