Geolocatiation is not working

Geolocatiation is not working


This is my project code

I’ve tried so many ways to see the latitude, but it’s not working, I’ve seen other pen code and It’s working (

I copied the code in the geolocatitation challenge and it isn’t still working.

I don’t know what to do.


I don’t know the exact explanation - but it’s a scope issue that probably has to do with how js is writing - i rewrite your code like this

 navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
    var latitude = position.coords.latitude;
     var longitude = position.coords.longitude;

and it did work properly - i also reset it to what you had previously

Scope is tricky business - it might be a document.ready issue


I’ve been banging my head on the wall for this for a day now… having the exact same issues as you. Code from other geolocation examples seems to work but when I run it in my own pen it gets error code 1. I’m using chrome, not sure if that’s an issue.


Now, I’m using this to get the locatitation"


Yep I just found that and was coming back to post here. Thanks and good luck!


Your current code has a typo due to the case sensitive nature of javascript.

Instead of $.getJson, use $.getJSON. That should help you make the request.


Thans all, my code is now working in my lnotebook, but not in codepen.


@sergiosalfer and @NickWright, as I mentioned here: , the problem is to do with Google depreciating navigator.geolocation if the page is accessed from http, as opposed to https.

The work around is to manually put https:// in front of, and then give that link to others looking at your page. I may also put up an alert message to that effect.

Thanks for the link, though it isn’t as accurate.

I also found this link on the same issue: