Get 3 months Pluralsight, Lynda and 2 months DataCamp subscriptions for free

Get 3 months Pluralsight, Lynda and 2 months DataCamp subscriptions for free


@santy I think Microsoft dev essentials team hid Linux academy subscription for maintenance previously they removed Pluralsight and Linux academy from the menu and added later a week or so. So let’s wait and see. meanwhile, you can get 7days unlimited trail from Linux academy site itself, give it a try. Happy learning.


Hi I still can’t find the Linux academy link… I need it urgently for the cloud practitioner course. C
an you help


@dishbas Sorry I could not find one. And yes it seems Microsoft removed Linux Academy Subscription from Visual Studio dev essentials.


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Thanks a lot!!! :grinning:


Don’t know about other places, but I have free premium access to with my local library card!


Pluralsight is generally stronger on Angular than React, but Cory House’s courses are excellent. There are also some introductory ones by Sam Buna.

For anyone who has finished the front end stuff and is looking at frameworks and a local development environment, I really really recommend Cory House’s course:

This course is fantastic for bridging the gap between Codepen and local development, and teaches you an absolute ton about build systems, bundling, testing, linting, npm and all that daunting stuff. Especially useful if you like React and want to understand the set up.

For Angular people (like me) Deborah Kurata’s courses are solid as a rock.


Can you tell about more pluralsight courses, I just find udemy better.


@Rockstarsab you can create one free and check for the courses you want.


Pluralsight have 1000s of courses, ranging from fantastic to mediocre. I find Udemy to be a bit more beginner friendly, while Pluralsight is more aimed at working developers. The courses are shorter and more intense.


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It is never too late to start programming !! This video changed my life!!


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But anyone cannot get code from linkedin, I clicked “Get code” but nothing happen then @@


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