Get paid $20/hour to tutor programming, or find tutors to help you

Get paid $20/hour to tutor programming, or find tutors to help you


A number of months ago I showed you all my project, Leafie Online Tutoring, and there was a lot of interest. The app offers collaborative rooms having code editors, whiteboards, and notepads so that people can get help when stuck on a programming problem.

Since I first introduced it here, I have been steadily working on it. Now I have launched the ability to pay tutors for their time. Students can buy time which is credited to their account. Students can spend this time in tutoring sessions by using the appropriate chat commands. Tutors accumulate funds at a rate of $20 per hour. Every 2 weeks, on Friday beginning August 4th 2017, tutors having more than $10 in their Leafie balance are paid out to their bank accounts. One caveat is that tutors pay a $5 monthly subscription to cover payment processing costs and so on. This can be made back in 15 minutes of tutoring.

Note that Leafie Tutoring does not staff tutors. Tutors are just users who register a tutoring account. I can’t guarantee that a student will find a tutor. Likewise I can’t guarantee that tutors will find students to work with. To get paid as a tutor on Leafie, you may have to find your own students. Leafie Tutoring is just an open marketplace for the exchange of knowledge.

This is the first time I have ever launched a paid software service. I am a bit nervous because with payment comes some responsibility. I hope that you guys find this useful. I would love to help people get paid for their knowledge that they worked hard to acquire. I would love to help students who are stuck on problems get past those road blocks.

Please let me know what you think about the business model, the app all around, or if you find any bugs, or if you have any enquiries. The contact email is [email protected]

Thank you. Thanks to FCC for teaching me all the full-stack JS I know and used to build this project. I hope this is useful for you.