Getting Started, Taking Notes, Pondering

Getting Started, Taking Notes, Pondering


I started on 10/7 from the very beginning. My thanks to all the people who work to make freeCodeCamp possible! (If you’re reading this, Thank You!)

I am keeping all of my notes as I learn here– on Google Docs. Any comments or feedback welcome. I have lots of questions and confusions, but figure the answers are coming further down in the challenges.

This is fun.


Looks good @thebeaglebeagle. I haven’t kept notes like that, but I have coded out all the JavaScript algorithms on I’ve also seen another post where someone mentioned using GitBook to create notes.


Thanks for the encouragement!

One of my main goals was to make sure I followed up on questions or things that I found interesting… I may take leftover questions and post them somewhere here on the forum, once my firehose of confusion settles down.


Super detailed notes! Wish I had thought to do that.