Going on a FCCampathon ~ 100 day streak

Going on a FCCampathon ~ 100 day streak



I’m Jason reporting live from Canada. I’ve been marathoning freecodecamp for 16 days now and it’s feeling great. I haven’t completed any of the certifications but I will, I’ve spent some time developing a NodeJs ExpressJS server looking to integrate it with MongoDB soon enough. I’ve got around 410 points and I plan to go for the gold and get 100 days straight. I’m working with graphics software to become a truly full-stack developer who can create anything by myself.

I’m looking for some motivational comments to keep going, it’s getting difficult for some reason although my skills are improving every day the algorithms I’m solving with higher order functions and the code I’m working on off of FCC is going well.

I truly believe freecodecamp is an amazing gift to all of us and I will pray that each and every one of you can work hard, stay focused, and persevere through every challenge to support your families and chase your dreams!