Good books to help supplement my learning?

Good books to help supplement my learning?


Hey guys!

I’m brand new to programming - I started FCC a couple of days ago and I’m really enjoying it. It feels like I’m actually learning a useful technical skill.

Anyway, I digress –
I was wondering if there were any supplemental books you wonderful people could recommend for a newbie. I’ve signed up for CodeAcademy, Udacity, and have looked at their free program offerings, but what are some good books for somebody learning from scratch?

Thanks in advance!

Introduction myself---Khine

I’m really enjoying the two Jon Duckett books, if you’re after hardcopies rather than e-books.

Great as a straight read-through or as a reference.


Javascript & jQuery


Free online. If you like paperback like me, the 6 book series is about $100.


There’s a list of tons of resources in GitHub. Here’s a list for HTML/CSS, and a list for JS. I haven’t seen everything, but you might stumble upon something you’ll find useful.


For some reason I find FCC’s link difficult to understand, but starting from the beginning with this link is really nice and things make a lot more sense.

And yes, like everyone says, YDKJS.