Got a react developer Job on my Day 97 of my 100Day Coding Challenge

Got a react developer Job on my Day 97 of my 100Day Coding Challenge


Today I finished the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. Here are my thoughts and accomplishments:


  • freeCodeCamp Front end Certificate
  • 34 blog posts
  • 15 GitHub stars
  • Codewars ranking 5
  • 1 Job Offer

Technologies I encountered:

  • html, css, es5
  • scss, gulp, react, vue, d3

My Coding Timeline:

  • Day 1-30 Worked through tutorials, read books
  • Day 36 Finished FCC Front End Certicate
  • Day 45 Finished React Markdown App
  • Day 48 Finished React+Redux Recipe+Box App
  • Day 50-60 Played with D3
  • Day 60-75 html/css template conversions, gulp, web optimization
  • Day 83 Finished my Netflix clone
  • Day 85-95 Prepared for coding interviews, company interviews
  • Day 97 Got my 1st offer


  • Coding everyday is !important because it builds momentum.
  • My initial plan was just to at least try for 100 days. The end result was much better than I image. Now I’m confident that I can learn any technology + language.

More about me:


Awesome Possum! :grin:


Congratulations on getting your first developer job offer! It sounds like you’ve put in some serious time, and built a lot of additional projects for practice.

Thanks for documenting all of this for our benefit.


No thank you quincy, ur program changed my life. Thank u for everything!


Congratulations and thanks for sharing your accomplishments. It is a huge motivation for aspiring developers. Can you please write a medium post describing your journey? It will be amazing, I guess. Wish you all the best!


Good work. Congrats!


勤奋 + 智慧。 榜样, 学习!

-木匠 Charlie



Could you tell us which books did you read?



I am seriously impressed and motivated to do this now. I am presently doing the wiki viewer project, and will soon get my front end certificate. Thank you and congratulations.


Very inspiring, thank you for sharing this detail work plan.


Yeah thanks replying. Sure I’ll write a medium post.


For people who are curious. Here’s my resume. It’s in chinese but I think you can get a hang of it.

Here are the sections: Intro, Certificate, Work Experience, Portfolio, Education, Other skills, Contact info, Other projects.


I am too an upcoming android developer…


Just goes to show, hard work pays off in the end.
Congrats on your new job and thanks for sharing your experience with us.


Really inspiring. I too want a developer job offer.


The power of incrementalism!, I like how you broke down your accomplishments by dates.


Your portfolio looks impressive, no doubt you’ve put so much effort into it.

I am a Java developer in HK who also interested in JS based front-end development, maybe we can have more sharing in future :wink:



sure jimmy i’ll send you a PM


That is awesome! Did you have prior coding experience?


congrads! this is pure motivation!