Gradual CSS Linear Gradient

Gradual CSS Linear Gradient


WHATS THE ERROR IN THIS background: linear-gradient(35deg, #CCFFFF, #FFCCCC, rgb(204, 204, 255));

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    border-radius: 20px;
    width: 70%;
    height: 400px;
    margin: 50px auto;
    background: linear-gradient(35deg, #CCFFFF, #FFCCCC, rgb(204, 204, 255));



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As per the instructions, you have three colours specified but only need two.


background: linear-gradiente(35deg, #ccffff, #ffcccc);

using above code gives error : The div element should have a linear-gradient background with the specified direction and colors.


background: linear-gradient(35deg, #ccffff, #ffcccc);
this solves problem


Turns out the lowercase hex code is accepted by the site and uppercase is rejected although the effect is visible in either case. So, to complete the challenge, use lowercase hex code for colors.


It is not actually, i also got stuck for a little bit here thats how i ended up here.
That completes the challenge. background: linear-gradient(35deg, #CCFFFF, #FFCCCC);
I got stuck because i had an extra space there and did not notice.
background: linear-gradient(35deg, #CCFFFF, #FFCCCC );


Nice on there @ akay, i think, the essence of this is to get us conversant with CSS syntax


One little hint: the example renders correctly but is rejected when you are missing the final semicolon.


Thanks bro, this one was the solution after all, haha.


yeah, use semicolon after linear-gradient();