Graph databases book

Graph databases book

Hi guys and gals,
I’m not sure it’s the correct section (and I apologize if it’s not) but I wanted to let you know that on the neo4j website it’s possible to download for free a copy of the O’Reilly’s book “Graph databases”.
The downloaded format can be pdf, epub or mobi.

The page URL is this:

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Does the site have express permission from O’Reilly to have a pdf of the book? If it is truly free, they would not need to collect information in the form. I am not comfortable with this.

Neo4j is a legitimate company, registered with Companies House in the UK, and the address details on the website match that data ( The form is probably just to harvest data to market its products/services.

Neo4j has several books on its ‘bookshelf’, not all free.

That is the part I don’t like.

Me neither. I avoid the valuable data for low-cost product exchange as much as possible.

My thesis is on Neo4j. You do end up quite a lot of marketing e-mails once you fill out that form, more so in my case (because of the sheer amount of products, software, and materials I have had to download), but yes, for all intents and purposes, the book is free and quite informative.

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