Group Project - Attendance Log

Group Project - Attendance Log

Who would be interested in participating in building out a project as a group, for the group?

The project would be an Attendance Log for our in-person meetups. It’s basic functionality will be to allow meetup point-person to check in the attendees of their meetups. It would have a few data analytics features like being able to see each group members meeting numbers (how many meetups attended), leaderboard (most meetups attended), attendance over time (for all meetups and by day), and anything else we can think of that might be useful/interesting to see.

I will be working up a detailed spec of what the first version of the app should provide.

The roles needed are as follows and we can have multiple people in any one role:

  • Project Manager
  • Build-and-Release Engineer
  • Lead Developer
  • Developer
  • Lead UI/UX Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Lead QA Engineer
  • QA Engineer

We will develop this as open source software and who knows maybe other study groups/meetups will end up using it.

If you are interested in participating please comment with the role you are interested in.

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Ooohhh I would definitely be down to do this!

I’d love to do project management and/or development.

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This is a great idea! Please sign me up as a developer


You can add me to UI/UX Design group.

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Looks like we have enough people interested to get started. Let’s do this!

Stay tuned, I’ll have more info regarding next steps shortly, hopefully sometime tomorrow or Friday, but Saturday at the latest.

I am happy to work in any role where the team will find me useful. My current experience level probably make project management and development the best fits for me (i.e., I’m organized (PM) and as a coding newbie could use the dev practice). :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,

I put together this repository that we can use to start developing for this project.

For now, I’d like you all to review this Roadmap file. I put together what I think would be the necessary features for a minimal viable product. Let’s all discuss the MVP requirements so we’re all on the same page. Consider this a request for comments in terms of those requirements. Do you think I missed something? Included to much for the first iteration? If you have thoughts on future features we can jot those down, but for now those aren’t as important as nailing down the initial MVP.

After we discuss the initial requirements I would like for @Ruchika-Roy to choose a tool to manage the project so we can start managing and tracking next steps.

@intaglioplate I’d like for you to start thinking about the UI designs of the various screens we will need based upon the initial functionality required.

@SilverNemesis and @regioncoder, once initial requirements are discussed and finalized we should probably get together (at one of the meetups or virtually) to discuss/plan the API that we will be building out. Then we can carve out pieces that we can individually develop.

As far as what languages/tools we use to develop we can discuss that here as well.

Everyone please respond here with your thoughts/ideas, not only regarding the requirements but also note if you are happy with the roles/activities I carved out above. This is all open for discussion.

If you’d like to add to or suggest removing something from the roadmap feel free to mention it here or if you’re comfortable with github make a pull request.

I think that the MVP seems just right from a features standpoint. That being said, I think it could use a target platform. I am thinking web application, and that any other platforms would be future enhancements.

The future features overlap with what I was thinking as I read the MVP, so I am totally on the same page.

I also agree with the lower priority on coming up with additional features. Mainly because I think that once we start using the MVP we will naturally come up with more features based on that experience.

As far as my role goes, I got exactly what I requested, so I’m happy.

As far as the languages and tools used for development goes, I am really flexible. But we should consider the projects hosting requirements, whatever those might be. So perhaps that needs a discussion as well.

I think an “Add to calendar” feature would be a good idea for the future too.

For PM, Trello is great for smaller teams like this. I can set up a Kanban board and link this repository. I’m out of town till Friday without a laptop but I’ll do what I can in the meantime.