Guide with the Quote Machine Project

Guide with the Quote Machine Project


Hey guys I am struggling with where to start building the quote Machine generator. I have my basic HTML page set up, but i am so lost with javascript part of the project. I started of creating an array of quotes and using the button to randomly select the quotes in a array when the user hits the button. But looking at other peoples project they used an API. Can someone please give me some guidance with this project? I am also discouraged I feel like i am not learning or getting past the beginner stage. Has anyone ever felt like this?


I would start with this video, then do the relevant fCC challenges. I also have a CodePen that walks you through using the GitHub API to fetch user data.

It’s a good idea for you to learn this, and you might as well start working with AJAX now, but I ended up not using an external service for my quote generator. It just wasn’t worth it in the end.


@OlooAllaN you should probably leave a Link to your page so people can help you better.


this is what i have so far


You should really use an API instead of making your own JSON tbh ; that’s the learning curve here. You’ll be using them in the next challenges too. I used this one. You’ll have to sign up though to get an API key which is needed. Then take look at the guide here.


If you still want to choose your own quotes (for my project, I was very particular about what quotes I wanted to include), I recommend, a simple and attractive place to store JSON for free. Just copy and paste your JSON data (your quotes in JSON format) into the main input window, then access your data through the provided URI.



Oh, were you serious?

Yeah. I’ve been doing this a long time … and I look around and feel that way constantly. :slight_smile:

Just keep going.

It only gets worse (but in a good way!)


I’m not new to programming at all, but I’m finding this project very frustrating, so you’re not alone OP. I think it’s a good idea what you did - start by accessing an array of quotes so you know that your button works as intended, then move to using the API. Just keep going, look up articles/videos/etc to help bridge the gap. You’re doing great!


icartusacrimea this is a great suggestion! I too wanted to select the quotes I want on my quote generator and was looking for a way to store them. Thank you!


I am also discouraged I feel like i am not learning or getting past the beginner stage. Has anyone ever felt like this?

OlooAllaN Hang in there. I think most of us feel that way. I too, am waiting for the day when the ah ha moment hits.