Guys check out my tribute page

Guys check out my tribute page


Hello there my name is Amir :sunglasses:
since you entered here please take some time checking my tribute page at this link
and tell what you think about it .is it any good ? there is any problems ?
any way that all what i am gona say and thank you :wink:


Nice! What a cool person and a good tribute. I can see one issue with the layout, at the bottom left of his photo:

I wouldn’t worry about it, though. Your code looks nice. Don’t be afraid to use Bootstrap or any other framework in the future. I know it seems like taking shortcuts is cheating, but on bigger projects it’ll save you a lot of time which lets you code more!


Thanks and about that tiny problem i tried to solvd but i cant find a solution if have any ideas it would be helpfull !! :slight_smile: