Harry Potter Tribute Page - Feedback please!

Harry Potter Tribute Page - Feedback please!


Hi! Here’s the link to my first attempt at a tribute page(Harry Potter Tribute). I’d appreciate any comments or feedback. Thank you in advance.
Project link: https://codepen.io/terabithian/full/BzbXra/


I think you page looks clean, and the link functions as it should. Could you add a little caption box to an image similar to ones on Wikipedia? Also I don’t know if your images have “alt tags”. Otherwise I think the tribute page is good!


Thank you very much!
I tried googling on how to add a caption to an image but I couldn’t really find anything. I’ll make sure to add captions, as well as “alt tags”.


Let me know if this link helps with the captions: http://v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com/content/figures/


Yes, it did. Thank you once again.