Has anyone read the Phoenix Project?

Has anyone read the Phoenix Project?

I want to know what other people who have read this book have thought about it?

I read it a few years ago and found it very interesting from an IT perspective. Even before reading the book I had an innate interest in DevOps and reading one is considered to be one of the best “DevOps” books out there was a lot more fun than expected! It doesn’t hurt its a well written novel, and not just some random over priced text book haha.

So I do recommend it for anyone thinking about DevOps, or anyone who likes reading about IT managers in need of help haha.

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Yes, I do read it just a month ago.
While I love to read about IT in a non-tech way like this novel, I think that is a buzzy-fuzzy in the aura of the main character Bill Palmer, something like he is the only man in the Company that all departments are against . Meantime I really recommend that book for those who are interested in DevOps…

I’mactually reading that right now!

I think the fact Bill has a lot of trouble is definitely part of the “fiction”, since the book wouldn’t be as fun if Bill had tons of support from everything and no problems haha.

How do you like the book so far? :smile: I almost couldn’t put it down haha.

Funny enough when I was reading it, I could see so many Bill’s in real life including myself in some cases. :rofl:

I find in more non-tech companies you see more Bills because most departments don’t care about technology. They treat it as another machine or appliance they need to do their work. And when things don’t work… they look at the tech leader as the source of the problem.

Anyway, super entertaining book and if you work in tech you’ll have an odd feeling of having met some of these characters in real life.

I always wanted to think of myself as Chris (Head of development) or Brent (IT guru), but there isn’t really a “hero dev” character in the book, which kind of sucked as all the changes are demanded at the highest level, but executed at the lower levels haha.

Now the “hero dev” character is the main protagonist of the sequel book the Unicorn Project, which I just finished up reading. I liked it more if not just as much as the first one, but then I’m a dev so I am biased haha.

Honestly, I couldn’t place it down either but I have so many work responsibilities. I am bouncing between that and javascript learning lol!!!