Hell Yeah I Got My Front-End Certificate!

Hell Yeah I Got My Front-End Certificate!


Finally, after six months (more?), I got my front-end certificate! I made this small showcase with all my projects. Next step: refactor some of them trying to improve the quality of the code. I’m skipping the back-end course for now. Thanks all for the help, I had a great time doing this!




And wow I love your Weather app…that is so cool!!!


Congratulations Errec! Your projects look nice. I can’t get them all to work for me because I’m blocking some scripts, but the ones that do work are really nicely designed. Way to go learning a powerful set of skills.


Thanks! I love the weather app too. this one gave me much more trouble than the others haha


Thanks! my deploys are slow but pretty :joy:


Congrats on the work and for best practice, performance/parity > being pretty.


You give me hope !! I will keep going !!


Thanks! And I agree. That’s why I’m coming back for the refactor :grinning:


Yeah that weather app is just awesome. The other ones are visually really cool too.


Congratulations man! I just finished my Bootstrap challenges and I’m about to move in to JQuery (this was one of the steps before I started). I looked at your github site and I sincerely hope I’ll be able to make things that cool once I get my certificate. The world can’t stop you now!


Of course you will! There is no secret: 2 hours / day or whatever you get of free time, just keep the coding hehe


Congratulations with you Front-End Certificate! I really like you portfolio website and your weather app is very creative :wink:


I have to agree that weather app looks amazing! I’m on that project now and am stuck on how to use API’s. I’m going to just go ahead and design the HTML and CSS then get to all the nitty gritty later. Still gives me hope when I see what others have done.


I love your weather app!!!

I’m a bit obsessed with mario / nintendo


Thanks! I love the old Nintendo stuff. best time of my life


The API usage is the main goal. Do the API later, but be sure to do it. I see a lot ot people that give up using it to implement an easy API mockup instead(a string or array with random values).


Great work mate. Your projects are extremely well done, I love the Pomodoro one the most. I personally just need to complete the Twitch API, two algorithms and the last 4 front-end challenges so I’m getting closer :sunglasses:.

If I may make a suggestion, you can change the footer of your Personal Portofolio to include this code
document.write(new Date().getFullYear());

so you’ll never be behind, It currently says 2016 :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s amazing haha thanks for the tip! I really need to go back and refactor some stuff like that
Good look on your certificate and welcome to the “what do I do now” club…


Hi !
I am 4 projects away from the front end certificate and I was wondering if I should improve my projects designs before or after. Thanks to you, I have the answer. I’m usually greedy of compliments but let me tell you that your weather app concept really impressed me ! I will try to be more creative now.


Waw! Gratz! I just started, But so far it is realy Fun to do, hopefully i can be proud to and say I did it :slight_smile: