Help for my resume and job searching

Help for my resume and job searching


Woa this is actually extremely helpful, especially your dummy data example, thank you so much. You definitely gave me some ideas of how to re-write my resume. 2 questions:

1- When you say “GitHub collaboration”, do you mean to work in open source projects?

2- I’m not sure what you mean when you said you checked the movie database and don’t see movie descriptions. Did you check the application on a mobile by any chance?. Because there is a bug when you try to see the movie description on phones, that’s because I’m using certain library and it appears it doesn’t work on phones or behaves differently, either way, need to check on that.


Looks really good. Here are some things that I saw.

  • the text over your landing page photo looks off-center to the laptop and coffee. I know it’s centered but the image makes it look off-center. I would find a different image that doesn’t create this illusion.

  • I think that you should make your header static as you scroll down so that it is always there no matter where you are on your site.

  • in your About Me section I would make your Git | GitHub separated like the rest. Yes, they work together, but they are completely separate. This will also make it fit with everything and look smoother.

  • for your Portfolio, I would get one more project on there to make it an even 6 and evenly balanced.

  • I would take out your Resources section. Your portfolio section shows your work. It’s not as important to show what you use. Besides, you use more than just those that you have listed, and you want to leave some mystery as to what you use. It just feels limiting to your mass variety of things you use and doesn’t really add anything to your credibility. The proof is in the work.

Great job on everything and I hope this helps.


Applying for publicly posted jobs can be frustrating and a waste of time, especially if you are looking for your first programming job. It is pretty difficult to stand out from 200 other applicants.

I recommend a very different approach, where you research the companies you’d like to work for, find out who the hiring authorities (the supervisors/managers who can actually hire you) are and call them to pitch them on meeting with you to discuss working for their company. I have a three page write-up on this method and would be happy to send it to you.



I would love to hear about that method, could you share it with us here?