Help Please with FCC exercise 9

Help Please with FCC exercise 9


I’m a complete novice working FCC exercise 9 - add images to your website by using the img element, and point to a specific image’s URL using the src attribute.
I follow exercise using this code :

<img src="“
alt=“Author standing on the beach with two thumbs up.”>

Getting this error: Your image should have a src attribute that points to the kitten image.


Try with this
<img src="" alt="Something describing the image.." />


Hi, that you for the help However I just tried what you have suggest i didnt solve it. I think I see what you were thinking by using a close </>


You have just to change it to ""


Hi Paolo,
That worked - thank you.
Can I ask was it because the img src you sent was a live link ?
Many thanks again,


You’re welcome.
For the challenge to be passed you must use the link that they gave you.