Help with Career options

Help with Career options


I am asking for a guy I just met last week, we met at our new job. He is from Algeria and back home he was working as an electrical engineer. Being in the US for around a year and a half he has been trying to get a job in his field with no success. He has experience programming using Java and C#. I told I was going to try to help to see if he could find a job in his field or at least something related. I think the main issue he has is that he didn’t graduate in the US and barely knows anyone. Can anyone help me find some career options for him?


well I think when it comes to programming, the school form which graduated doesn’t matter much. i think he can start with applying for jobs at upwork. there is quite a number of programming related jobs. for example, my first job was ordered by the admin of this website which at that time didn’t look like one with perspectives but after i did the job, i’ve got good feedback which helped me with getting another job and then another and later i was offered a job in our local tech company. anyways, i think upwork could be just the right place for him to build his portfolio. also, i think if he’s good, he can get a job in a startup (it’s way easier to get a job there rather than in a huge corporation)