Help with Porfolio Test #7

Help with Porfolio Test #7


Okay, so I have my personal portfolio site done, but it’s still failing test #7, even though I do have an internal link that works. Can anyone figure out what I’m doing wrong?


I believe that most of the bugs remaining in the beta curriculum are testing related. Please check if there is already a GitHub Issue for this testing problem, please create one with as much detail as possible. Thank you for being a beta tester.


@arhillis I see that your project now passes test #7, can you tell me what you chnaged to make it work? I am having the same issue now.


I actually only changed browsers. It still fails in Firefox and passes in Chrome. Which browser are you using?


I am using Chrome. My project isn’t on CodePen yet, I am running it locally and I have the same Test #7 fail.