Here's my app for showing local weather

Here's my app for showing local weather


Just finished with my weather app. I would really appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:
Local Weather by Desiha


Very nice! Love the look. One of the user stories is that I can change the temperature scale somehow. Am I missing that? I don’t see it.


I also love the look! Gradients never looked sexier!


Thanks for spotting that. I just implemented it


Really cool! Very elegant and easy to read.
Also thank you for introducing the erikflowers website for the weather icons, I didn’t know it.

I only found one line in HTML that is not very clear, line 11:

Maybe here you meant:


class=button >> class=“btn” ?


Very nice. I went the same route: weather icons and a forecast. Just a different weather API.

When switching from Celcius to Fahrenheit I also switched the unit of the wind speed, just because it was available in the api. Can you do the same?


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
Actually it is class=“button”


Thank you :slight_smile:
Your App is very cool.
Yes i can


Thanks for the compliment


Excellent job on your weather app. I loved the layout. It looks very professional and organized.