Hey Everyone! Excited to learn over the summer!

Hey Everyone! Excited to learn over the summer!


Hey, everyone!

I’m a high school student wanting to learn diverse forms of code to expand my knowledge and my small side job. I currently manage KPcreative.co and make websites for clients ranging from CMS creations for easy client management to even multi-page custom designed pages. I really love this work, and want a job or internship in this field over the coming months, as I feel like this is much more up my alley!

Excited to learn!

Any tips on how to get ahead?



How to get ahead? On fCC or the profession in general?


Both…having trouble finding proper actual freelance work


As far as getting ahead on FCC, just work hard and ask questions if you get stuck. It’s a friendly group.

For professionally, I’d say never stop looking for work. Freelancing is dealing with a lot of rejection. A LOT. Just keep at it. And if you have no work, start hobby coding projects. They hone your skills and make great portfolio pieces.


I see, do you know any proper platforms to find clients. Upwork and Freelancer.com are great just really tough to nail a job with the limited connects given.


There are many threads with advice about freelancing:


But it is a tough market to break into. As I understand it, in the beginning, you are competing with a lot of other bottom feeders, many of them of dubious qualifications. People will be underbidding and a lot of the projects will be questionable. (One of my pet peeves are projects like: I need a web site. How can I intelligently bid on that? Is that a 1 hour project or a 20 hour project.)

But if you put in the time and get your rating up, you’ll get better job offers. That’s the story anyway.