Hi campers! Can I have your feedback on my Personal Portfolio :D

Hi campers! Can I have your feedback on my Personal Portfolio :D

This is my second project here at freecodecamp, Can you please critic my work…
I would love to hear from you guys. Thank you in advance! Your feedback is very much appreciated! :smiley:
Here take a look! Luigie Ancheta
Here is my finished portfolio webpage https://luigieancheta.github.io/



A great piece of awesomness. :slight_smile: Loved your color scheme as blue is my favorite. Your logo is great as well.

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WOW. Thank you for your feedback fellow camper!. I really appreciate it! :smiley_cat:

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Good Job. The website is great1

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Thank you for your feedback mate! :grin:



Great works :smile: I am not a fan of pink but really like the blue, so 50-50 :smiley:
Keep shining :sunny:

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When I saw your tribute page here before, I thought “this guy’s gonna make an awesome portfolio.”

You’re awesome! :thumbsup:

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Great layout :smiley: nice work.

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Very nice looking portfolio. Enjoy the color scheme a lot.

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Hello @luigieancheta clicking your navigation does not highlight the tab you just clicked. The user may want to be hinted as to where they are.
Actually, nevermind, I am not sure if I didn’t wait long enough for the animation to complete or you just fixed that…

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All th images under projects are broken. Looking under F12, you are getting 404s on those and other resources.

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Looks great, really love your design!

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Looks nice :slight_smile: one repeating theme that I noticed is the relative size of elements seems off. If something is important, it should be noticeably bigger than less important things.

Your hire me button should be bigger for example to reflect its importance. This might be just making the text bigger or the whole button, experiment with it.

As you scroll down the difference in size between the headings and paragraphs is very small. Headings should really stand out as headings. I think tweaking font sizes could make a huge improvement.

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Another awesome job Lui! :slight_smile:

“awesomeness” seems to be hardwired into your DNA. :grin:

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haha, really? pink is cool man! I saw it on your profile too! you said “Really want to enjoy the life and see the world in pink.:sunglasses:” hahaha :smile:
thank you for feedback camper!



The pink is the way to say an easy or dream life :smile:
I just don’t prefer to use pink in designing my own portfolio :smiley:

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Wow… Thank you bro! I really appreciate your comment… :heart_eyes:



oh silly me! :open_mouth: I thought it’s the color pink itself.
This is the first time I used pink. Oh second time I think. no third time maybe.
I just love pink :grin:



Your images are broken - look in the console you will get many errors. Your problem is that GitHub pages has a secure connection (https), and you are trying to embed images that are http. Host your images on a site that is https (you can host them on GitHub pages too if you didn’t know), or sometimes you can just change the src="http://www." to src="https://". I have also seen people forget the http/https altogether and have something like src="//www.", I am not sure that it works on GitHub pages (or maybe I’m doing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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@shapeous Thank you for your feedback friend. Yeah, I will fix it… Thank you! :slight_smile:
@craigrpears Thank you for your advices! I’m also thinking the same way, something’s really not right. I’ll check about it.