Hi! I'm new here. Any tips for shifting career as full stack web dev?

Hi! I'm new here. Any tips for shifting career as full stack web dev?


Can I ask any tips for those who have tried and finish the program while having a job not related to development?
I plan to shift focus of my career and become a full stack web developer. I already took some short courses on
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript.

How long do you think it will take to achieve my goal as a full stacked web developer? I plan to quit my job early next year to
focus purely on development. But right now Im studying during my free time.

TIA! for tips.


The short answer is: no one can know that without knowing a lot more about you.

These previous threads include anecdotes that may help you determine the answer for yourself:


Thanks for the resources

Brief insight about me. I have a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, We have programming classes back at college but I didn’t concentrate on that. We have C++ If i remember correctly. After working for almost 3yrs at an apple service provider as a Service and Field Engineer. I get to the point that I don’t want to fix things, I get tired of fixing their MACs and iPhones. Hahaha!
I wanted to create something I can be proud of, I was able to realized this after creating home network for our client at field I get a good sense of satisfaction when I create something. Then I met one of my colleagues friend and introduce me to web development, which is his job. It reignited my amazement on how the internet works, and I want to contribute to it. i want to create something I can be proud of and at the same time can be enjoy by others. Thats the time when I decided that I will pursue development.

Hopefully i will achieve my goals. :slight_smile:

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